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Holly Juenger

I would like to speak to someone about banner and email campaigns.. We do have a Canadian list that i think would be helpful to you.. Give me a call or email and I can give you more information...

Bret Ceren

Hey all,

Where can I find statistics regarding average increase in sales for a bricks-and-mortar B2C business that creates a web presence? I can seem to find the needles I need in the Internet haystack, so I'll take any and all leads.


Deanna MacDougal

Please add me to your LinkIn Group. Thanks Deanna

Eric Lindsey

Before you renew with your current vendor I would love the opportunity to submit a competitive bid to earn your business. I think you will like what I have to offer in comparison. We guarantee better results and a lower cost. We will use any recent clip report as a benchmark and guarantee better placement, and will beat any written offer from a competitor by at least $100. Attached is a brief introduction to NewsUSA, and a rate card. I have also attached some recent top 100 clips we have received for our clients. Please email me to confirm receipt so that I can resend anything you did not receive. As I mentioned before, when compared to our competition we believe our advantages to be:

-faster distribution (we distribute electronically as well as through print so editors have your features within 72 hours of sign-off)

-better writing (which leads to better placements and more of them, in fact if you can show us your most recent clip report from a competitor, we will use that as a benchmark and guarantee better results)

-less expensive (if for some reason we are not, I will match their package price because I know we provide a superior service and I do not want price to be the determining factor in your decision)

-you would also have direct access to our editorial staff by phone, fax, or email anytime you had any editorial questions or concerns

-free web placements with proof of usage

To reiterate, NewsUSA provides guaranteed media placements for clients through credible editorial news features that expose their brands and messages to consumers throughout the United States. We distribute these features to our network of over 10,000 newspapers and 6,600 radio stations across the country. All this is done without the high costs associated with traditional marketing and advertising. You can review some features we have done for other clients by logging onto the syndication section of our website ( The login is: and the password is: demo. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Dear Sir/Madam

Routesms Solutions Limited provides Bulk SMS having tie up with 25 international SMSC covering most of the countries in the world.

Our professional technical team provides 24x7 technical supports which is one of the best in the industry .

We have multiple interfaces to send BULK SMS which includes

1 Our own desktop application freely downloadable from our website (User Friendly)
2 HTTP API which you can integrate into your system (pl refer specification file "Routesms HTTP specifications" in downloads section of
3 .DLL file
4 SMPP interface

We are having the platform to send bulk sms and many other services at a very reasonable rate.

We can offer you a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business and help you develop and grow your business no matter what size or type trough SMS Services.

We don't have setup fee for our services.

If you are keen to market your services or are looking for opportunities to develop such services we are interested in hearing from you.

We can always assured you for the best service's from our side.

Please look forward for our coverage map, visit our website

Features of Route:

1] Sender: Dynmaic (sender customization allowed )
2] Long sms :Yes
3]. Character set: Full GSM
4]. Concat: YES
5]. binary: YES

7]Coverage: All operators covered

8] SMS Traffic : All Type

9] Protocol Supported: Http / SMPP

Namrata Surti
Marketing Manager
RouteSms Solutions Limited
Office No. 401, 4th Floor, Evershine Mall, Mind Space,New Link Road, Malad (W), Mumbai - 400 064, India

Tel : +91-22-40337676-99 Ext: 618
Mobile: +91-9324725522
Fax: +91-22-40337650
emal-id :
Skype-ID: namratas_routesms


Ok! I thinc...


HI can anyone tell me where would be the best place to learn webdesign?

I am just starting out and I dont want to waste money on bad programs.

Also if anyone can tell me where there is a webdesigners blog? thanks Era


Is AIMS still a going concern? The job board dates to January and the blog hasn't been updated in ages...

Shahid Shaikh

Dear Sir/Madam,

Let me introduce Esquare services briefly to you.

We can sell for you,we can manage call center for you and can work as your data entry operator.

We are a small size/45 seat call center located in Karachi Pakistan. We have a decent call center solution with
 predictive dialer
 Soft phones
 Recording
 Customized agent screens
 Reliable data network
 Redundant bandwidth
 All quality parameters in place to run inbound & out bound campaigns.

Currently, we are running “outsourced” telesales for Bell Canada, from our call center based in Karachi, Pakistan, and have recently completed “Exclusive 1 year contract” with PTML (Etislat of Dubai), 2nd largest cellular company in Pakistan.

We excel in top class customer service/ call center agent hiring, training and maintaining them on pay roll. We have hired, trained and provided over 1000 such Customer service call center agents for PTCL (#1 Telecom company in Pakistan) , PTML(2nd largest cellular company in Pakistan) and MacDonald’s call center.

In today’s world, where technology has made it possible to have “off shore” high quality but very marginal cost CSR/TSR; we would like to propose you to consider this option.

Even if you need small number of telesales agents or in bound agents, we can assist you.
We can maintain, variable quality of processes, and agents, depending upon your budgets, ranging from $1000 per agent per month for telesales, to $1500 per agent per month for good quality CSR, And for the data entry operator $500.

World is becoming more & more competitive place to live in, and if you can save substantially, then you must do that.

We enjoy very good reputation amongst top managers in telecom industry and can provide you sufficient references, if need be.

Thank you for your time

Shahid sheikh
Marketing Supervisor
Esquare services
104, Tariq center, Tariq Road
Karachi- Pakistan

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I loved the type ad commenting system very clean and very efficient.

Love to read more from you on the topic above


what is the role of a telemarketing executive in a contact center. I would like to know some basic concepts in Marketing. Can anyone help me?

Gobin Jameson

Bulk SMS Services

Our company offers total Bulk SMS solutions since 2003. With our direct SMSC connections we provide you with the capability to deliver SMS messages all over the world.

You can use our outbound Bulk SMS services (MT-SMS) to deliver messages on more than 690 carriers in 170 countries. We offer three different types of connections to our system, so we enable a wide range of companies and individuals to use our SMS gateway.

Also our inbound Bulk SMS (MO-SMS) service is available in several countries. Our interactive 2 way SMS gateway provides fast, reliable, efficient and cost-effective direct interaction with your business. It is ideal for services such as 2-way marketing campaigns and SMS promotions.

Outbound SMS

* Direct SMSC connections

* Least cost routing where appropriate

* Secure, fast and reliable delivery

* Text, binary and Unicode messages

* Concatenated and WAP Push messaging

* More than 700 networks in more than 172 countries

* Delivery reports

* Mobile Number Portability (MNP) supported

* Throughput up to 400 sms per second

* HLR look up services

Inbound SMS

* Premium SMS services (available on a country basis)

* UK-based long inbound numbers

* 2-way messaging solutions - SIM Hosting

HLR Lookup Services enables real time lookup of mobile numbers. HLR Lookup service enables you to identify that a mobile phone number (MSISDN) exists and which network it belongs to. The HLR Lookup service is particularly valuable for countries where numbers are ported to between mobile operator networks.

The HLR Lookup service is an http-based service which retrieves IMSI and location for a given MSISDN. A mobile phone number (MSISDN) is sent and we make a query to an operators HLR (Home Location Register), a response with the status of each number will be returned HLR Lookup service enables real time high capacity HLR Lookup requests and fast response times.

HLR Lookup

* HLR Lookup validity result

* Mobile Country Code (MCC) of network operator corresponding to the MSISDN

* Mobile Network Code (MNC) of network operator corresponding to the MSISDN

* Network operator offcial name corresponding to the MSISDN

* Country of network operator corresponding to the MSISDN

Visit us at

Call Center Certification

I like the type pad commenting system as well. I'm going to read about the "Swiss Chalet website design" article on AIMS now. It's looks very interesting and I hope to gain some insight on attractive web design.

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What happened to AIMs? Is it still a going concern. I've been to the site quite a bit, but I never see any updated posts or discussions.


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