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Geri Rockstein

I was just asking Kathryn about this very thing as I am looking to expand my client base and would like to research member companies that would be a good fit.
I think that company names and URLs should be made public. But e-mail addresses and direct phone lines should only be made available to members, if the company chooses to publish.


Jason Clements

I agree with Geri. Listing which companies members work shows prospective members what type of contacts they'll meet. However, to access a member's specific contact info should be the benefit to becoming a member.

Also, providing that info to members only will prevent any robots or other ill-intentioned people from accessing the personal contact info of members.

mr big dicks hot chicks

# Everyone will have the choice whether they want to be included in the directory or not.
# If you choose to be included in the directory you'll have the choice to 'display' or 'not display' telephone and/or email address.

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