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Eden Spodek

Liz, thanks for taking on this project. It's a big undertaking. I'm sure other AIMS members appreciate your efforts.

For those members who aren't LinkedIn, why don't you check it out and join us.


Clinton Boyda

I think offering LinkedIN profile shareing between members is absolutely brilliant! The system thrives on connections and where better to strengthen those relationships then with members of common interest.

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wheres can I get a form to join AIMS linked group?

All Saints

I can't understand, AIMS linked in groups is social bookmark or something like that ?

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I need to join the grup too, but i will do it when i have enough time

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AIMS Linked In Group is a great idea but I need more information about how to join it.

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it's mechanics are similar to the ones used by drupal org

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Is a nice site I like to know more about AIMS Linked In Group sound very interesting.

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I want to join your organization, but I need to read your terms of use.

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do have afilliate programs in AIMS ?

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I want to be part of your organisation but I like to know more info about it.

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Group is a great idea but I need more information about how to join it.

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It's a fairly lengthy process as we have to get everyone's information, enter it into a spreadsheet, and upload it to Linked In. Please be patient and give us a couple of weeks once you've sent your info to Liz.

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